Book released: December 11, 2003

Second printing: January 23, 2004

South County Independent and North-East Independent — Rhode Island papers

Review by Doug Norris

 Arts & Living Editor

‘Simply South County’ tells quiet stories of a special place


“If you think it’s getting harder to find the real South County, a new book by Narragansett resident Marie Younkin-Waldman is a reminder that this little corner of Rhode Island is still blessed with natural beauty, rich history and a special sense of community. But it also serves as a warning. ....”

““I hope that they will come away with a greater appreciation for savoring the simple beauty that is in life and taking time for the precious moments that make life meaningful,” she [Younkin-Waldman] said. South County is a metaphor for me to slow down., stop trying to be so ‘productive’ all the time and smell the air, watch the sunsets and connect with a friend.”